Please feel free to browse through our customer responses with pictures
of their rehabbed patio or pool furniture below for pointers & encouragement.

Bobbi Henry from Illinois chose Metallic Braid fabric for her replacement chair slings and umbrella:

We are very happy with the replacement slings and umbrella. We originally ordered 1 sling from another company and we were not happy with the outcome. They did not finish off the top or bottom edges and they used white/clear thread on our dark fabric, which looked awful on the double stitch line. So we searched out your company and called to make sure that the thread was matched to the fabric. We ordered over 8 slings and an umbrella and everything came to my liking, and I am very picky.

I do have some suggestions for anyone wishing to save money by purchasing replacement slings. We had a very expensive set, still in good condition, but the fabric was dry rotting from sun exposure. The chairs look like new again. I hope to get another 10 years out of them…

I would recommend this company to friends and family. You can order fabric samples, they returned my e-mails, phone calls, and have been very customer oriented, very happy with their merchandise.

Bobbi Henry

(All patio or pool furniture pictures on our website are either sent from our online customers showing our products
or pictures of our local customers’ furniture with our products. No stock or stolen furniture photos here.)
Patio Furniture Fabric Sling Replacements in Las Angeles, CA

Hi Dennis,

I thought you might like to see the finished lounges!

Bought a spreader tool and it was very helpful! They look beautiful!

Thanks very much for the slings!



Replacement vinyl straps for Patio Furniture in Ohio

The Dove was perfect as you can see from the pictures. Thanks for the very helpful video and all the work to get the color right. We couldn’t be happier with the purchase.



Woodard Patio Furniture Sling Replacements in New York

Great job, slings fit like a glove I can’t believe someone was throwing these chairs out They’re better than new.

Thank You Very Much, BG


Winston Patio Chair Replacement Sling in Illinois


Here are a few pictures showing my Winston patio furniture after replacing the slings with your products.
We love the new pattern and the material is probably better than what was on them originally.
I’ll be sending you another order for a loveseat soon.


Doug Alexander


Carter Grandle Patio Chair Sling Replacements in Michigan



Hello Dennis and Jennifer,

I wanted to write this note to tell you that the slings you made for our chairs fit very well and have renewed the life of our patio chairs. Your instruction to use the spreader was very important and without having one, it seemed next to impossible to install the slings. I am enclosing the Before and After pictures of our chairs and as you can see the new fabric looks and feels very good. I will need to order some of the same fabric by the yard soon to make a canopy for our outdoor swing and will do so from your site.




Outdoor Fabric Sling Replacements in Texas



Here are before and after shots of one of the chairs. Have some “puckering” at the curve of the chair which makes the slings just a little short, but we are very pleased with the results.

Carolyn I. Canon
Marble Falls, TX 78654

NOTE from Patio Furniture Rehab: The puckering can be removed by stretching the length of the fabric sling replacement in the rails prior to tightening the bolts as shown in our How-to information on our website.


Brown Jordan Nomad Sling Replacements from PA



Attached are two photos of my ’79 vintage Brown Jordan Nomad. Your replacement slings look great.
Joe Vignola


Patio Furniture Chair Sling Replacement in Arizona


Hi Dennis:
I wanted to let you know we received the new sling. I took some pics for you. Maybe you can use them for web site? I am really happy with the way it turned out. I will be ordering another one soon so my other chair will match the new sling. I wanted to do one at a time seeing this was the first one I ever did. Just one error. I ordered the wrong size spline. The new one was too large. I was able to reuse the original. Then, after that one is completed I will be ordering another 2 (for a different set of chairs).
Scott.. .


Agio Patio Furniture Sling Replacements in Tennessee



Wanted to show you the before and after photos. Thank you so much for your help. Can’t believe how easy it was. Videos walked me through the process perfectly.

Michael Driver


Patio Furniture Replacement Slings in New Jersey with Montego Outdoor Fabric



Good morning Dennis,

With pleasure I have attached pictures of our new lounge chairs thanks to you and your staff and a little elbow grease on our end. My chairs are of good quality and I hated the thought of tossing them since the slings had deteriorated. After finding your company on the internet I was able to refurbish my chairs and they look like new.

Thank you again and it was a pleasure dealing with you and your company. I will recommend your company to my friends who would need such a service.

Walter Stefanacci


Winston Key West Patio Furniture Replacement Slings

Before & After

To Patio Furniture Rehab,

I just installed a new sling I ordered from you on my Winston chair. At first I was a bit skeptical I could actually do this myself. However after watching your videos and following you detailed measuring directions, I decided to give it a whirl and I placed an order for one sling. I figured, I’d try one sling first. If that works and goes OK, I’d be back for the rest of the slings to complete my set.

While, I’m not completely inept from a “fix it yourself” capability, I know things don’t always go as smoothly as you think when you actually get into a project. I’m happy to say this was fairly easy. The video instructions were a great help. The hardest part was sliding the new sling onto the rails. The advice to use a little soapy water was a great help – so I certainly suggest that to anyone else. Also having a spreader bar is a must too (see my comment below).

The other slight issue I had was as I was finishing up putting the support bars on the back of the chair, my 300 pound spreader bar just couldn’t do the job. Maybe it’s just a problem on the Winston chairs, I don’t know. So a quick run to the local hardware store for a 600 pound spreader bar and voila, “easy peasy”. So my recommendation, if you need to buy a spreader bar, buy the 600 pound. It’s only about 5 dollars more than the 300 pound bar.

In total, start to finish it took about 30 minutes tops for me to do my one chair. I’m now going back to order more slings to completely redo the rest of my chairs.

Thanks for all your help.

Dale Clouser

Photo: Winston chair – right side re-slung with your Sienna Tea Leaf sling. Chairs are about 15 years old and the old fabric actually was just about shredding on the seats.


Tropitone furniture sling replacement using Chinchilla fabric

Kobianne G. from North Carolina with Tropitone Sling Furniture:

The spreader bar and soapy water were both highly useful when installing our new sling… also, an extra set of hands came in handy as well!

Thanks so much!


Winston Patio Furniture Vinyl Strap Replacements in California

Before & After

Thanks Dennis,

Thanks to your help and your great videos and PDF’s, my wife and I were able to rehab our aging patio chairs.

They look and feel like new.

As an added bonus your vinyl has the same color all the way through. My old vinyl had dark green on the outside and black on the inside so as the outside wore the straps turned black!
They looked terrible. Your vinyl will not do that.

I’ll recommend you when ever I have the chance.

Gary and Pam
Culver City


Medallion Patio Furniture Vinyl Strap Repairs in Miami Florida



I have replaced the vinyl straps of 8 of my chairs. A 200 ft. roll was enough for 8. I am planning on replacing the next 8 in terracotta. I cut all the pieces and two of my friends were able to put the straps in 3 hours. Thank you for your telephone adviced.

Isis from Miami


Winston & Other Pool Furniture Vinyl Strap Replacements in Florida

Wanted to send you some pictures of my completed chairs and also to thank you for your assistance. Not bad for a Florida 87 yr old retiree and wouldn’t mind doing more.

Ed Davis
Vero Beach, FL.


Sling Replacements for Patio Furniture in Alabama using our Montego Outdoor Fabric

The furniture, which is 6 years old, looks brand new. I love it. The sling fabric appears to be high quality and very durable. The “How to” video was very helpful. We could not have done this without the spreader bar. It took about an hour to replace the sling on the first chair, but after we figured out what we were doing, the others took 15-20 minutes each.

Best regards,


Winston Patio Chair Sling Replacements in Massachusetts

Here are two of the four Winston chairs that we repaired last week. While it took us over an hour to figure out “the process” for the first one, the other three were less than 25 minutes each!  Not sure we could have done it without the spreader clamp, but what is better than four new chairs AND a new tool!
Ron and Kate,
Rehoboth, MA.


Mallin Patio Furniture Sling Replacements in Arizona using our Mohave Outdoor Fabric



Many thanks for the great service and excellent quality replacement fabrics! By following your website and measuring as you said, all 10 pieces fit perfect and we are delighted with the results. Our 10 year old Mallin furniture looks as good as new. As you said, it takes some patience and some effort to work the fabric into the rails, but with the soapy water and vice grips, it came out great. Attached are some snapshots that you can use on your website if you want.

Best regards,

Richard Rubenstein
Scottsdale, AZ


Pool Furniture Vinyl Strapping Replacements in Tampa Florida



“I bought the pre-cut vinyl strips and was able to restrap in about an hour. A couple of tips: get the gloves, they’re worth it; and keep the water hot (almost boiling) when soaking the straps. It makes it so much easier. Just watch the video and see how easy it is.”

Tampa, FL



Patio Furniture Replacement Slings in Georgia using our Cypress Outdoor Fabric


This ia a chair with the original sling. They weren’t in terrible shape so we decided not to replace all of them. So we looked for slings that most closely matched the originals.


We could not be happier to have “new” chairs.
Here are to pictures of our new and old chairs. We love the new slings.

Thank you.
Jeanne Jackson


Telescope Patio Chair Sling Replacements in New York using our Veranda Basil Fabric



We have installed the Veranda Basil sling on our Telescope Concord chair, and it looks great! Thank you very much for returning our phone calls whenever we had questions. Besides the quality of your product, your customer service was the best part of it.thanks again.
Grace X. New york.


Mallin Patio Furniture Replacement Slings in Irvine, California


Attached are pictures of before & after pictures of Malin patio furniture after installing the FL-029 Montego material (on the right).

The old material, after 10+ years in the sun, had become dry and brittle. The new material makes the furniture look like new.

And some Malin specific installation tips:

* After 10 years, the old material is virtually glued to the frame;
after cutting the material, it’s important to use the soapy water in the
channel and on the fabric to break the ‘gluing’ effect of the old vinyl from
the frame by wiggling the remaining fabric back and forth before trying topull the fabric out of the metal channel.

* The channels inevitably get dirt in them; flushing with water
removes some but I’ve found the taking a pipe cleaner and forming the end
into a small rectangle helps break up the stuck on dirt while flushing it
out. This is important because any sort of dirt in the channel will cause
extra friction when installing the new fabric.

* Some of the Malin pieces have one material channel welded to the
frame and the other is attached via screws and by one support bar at the
top. When installing the material its impossible to start the material on
both channels at the top and then insert the support bar! Installation
should start at the lower end of the channel and finish at the end with the
support bar, as the stretching/bending of the support bar is very

* When pulling the fabric into the last part of the channel (the last
2″) I’ve found it usefull to measure the remaining distance and apply a firm
clamp on the bottom spline at the correct distance. The final pulling of
the fabric tends to be jerky, and I’ve (a few times) pulled it too far, then
had to remove it and start over.


Brown Jordan Nomad Chair Replacement Slings

We are so happy to have our chairs repaired! 
We love the style and with the perfect match of material and excellent workmanship on the slings, the chairs are like new. 
Thank you!!!!
Kathy B from Minneapolis, Mn


Chaise Sling Replacements in Lakeside California using our Taupe Tweed Fabric

Just finished took about 45 min per chair pretty easy for a do it yourself guy
Mark from Lakeside CA thanks


Winston Pool Furniture Chaise Sling Replacements in Sea Breeze fabric

Please see attached photo of the replacement job we did with the slings we ordered from you. They came out great and took just a couple hours to look like new.  I plan to replace the rest of the set (four chairs) now that I trust I can do it.

Best regards,

Al Kommel


Agio Chaise Replacement Slings using our Chesterfield Fabric in Texas

We loved the chaise lounges chairs we have and were so happy to find replacement slings from Patio Furniture Rehab. Putting the slings on was not as difficult as we expected and they now look great. We are ordering replacements slings for our other patios chairs.
Thank you!
Jim and Pam Hayden
Carrollton, Texas


Innova Chaise Fabric Sling Replacements in Texas:

Slings fit perfect for my Innova chaise.
AAA quality with great selections for material.
Installation instructions extremly helpful.
Highly recommended.

G Feger
Spring, Texas


Steve Lentz from Virginia chose our Putty sling replacement fabric for his Carter Grandle® pool furniture:

Carter Grandle Sling Replacements in Virginia

Thought I’d share a picture of my now good-as-new patio furniture set along with a couple words of advice.

First, the Irwin® clamps are absolutely essential. I needed one to use as a spreader as you recommend, but also needed them as clamps for some of the furniture. The rails on the backs of my recliners are permanently connected by arches of spring steel, I needed two clamps to squeeze the rails together so I could slide the new slings on. After releasing the clamps, they sprang back to their normal shape.

Second, before starting, take a look at the screws which will be used to tension the springs. Get whatever bits and adapters are necessary so you can tighten these screws with a rachet. There’s not a lot of space between the fabric and the chair frame, so turning these with a screwdriver or allen wrench isn’t much fun. The screws on my chairs needed a 3/16″ hex (Allen) wrench. I did the first two chairs with the Allen wrench, eventually reaching the point where I had to reposition the wrench every 1/6th turn. After that I went to the hardware store and for $2.50 got a driver bit, but this in my rachet and finished the other two chairs in half the time and with no scraped knuckles.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the results and recommend A+ Redemption to anyone.

Best Regards,
Steve Lentz
McLean, Virginia

Patio Furniture Replacement Slings in Colorado with Weston Heather Outdoor Fabric:

When we first decided to replace our patio chair due to the material tearing, we were really disappointed for 2 reasons, first it is our favorite deck chair and 2, it cost us about $150 new. Being in our family for about 8 years we did not want to replace it with another model since we like this one. But we decided to look around just to see what’s out there.

Sling Replacements - Before

Sling Replacements After

So we looked local in Colorado Springs and could not find a suitable replacement at a decent cost. We then decided to look into a local repair. Well this was disappointing. The estimates for repair were more than the original chair cost. We are all for supporting the local economy…to a certain point.

Our third option was to replace the material ourselves . We still could not locate a local establishment that carried the material we wanted.

So the Internet was the way to go it seemed. We Googled various sites and decided to purchase the material from Patio Furniture Rehab. They have a great selection of material, easy to understand instructions, and a very decent price. So we followed the measurement directions to the tee. Since this was our first time doing this we must have measured 5 times to ensure all was correct. When we were satisfied that we had done ok, we placed the order. Another very simple thing to do.

We placed our order 23 June and received the shipment 19 July. Not bad considering all that has to be completed by PFR for manufacture and shipment.

Once we checked the order for all necessary parts, the fun began. The damaged chair sling removal was simple since most the material was ripped anyway. The new chair sling installation was a bit difficult at first. You do need to use water or soapy water to make the process easier. Also we found that using the caterpillar method of sliding the sling on the slots much easier. Once you get both sides installed, the chair part was simple. Hint..use 2 people to get better control of the chair sides.

We really did good with the measurements though. The final assembly fit like a glove and we are really happy with the results.

Based on our experience I would highly recommend PFR for any type of material or parts replacement. As we stated above, the instructions are clear, the sling material is of high quality and the results were fantastic considering this was our first.

Happy Trails all

Mike & Julie Welsh


Steve from Utah with Patio Furniture Sling Replacements using our Brass Filigree outdoor fabric:

Patio Furniture Rehab Folks,

I ordered replacement slings for two of our patio chairs just to try everything out before committing to repairing all the chairs. I painted the chairs and installed the new slings. The slings were challenging to stretch to the frame on the first chair but with an additional set of hands we quickly figured it out. The neighbors asked if those were the chairs we fixed because they looked brand new. Lots of compliments. We will be ordering the slings for the remaining chairs.

Patio Furniture Sling Replacements in Utah

Thanks for a great product and a great value,

Steve S.

Riverton, Utah

Sling Replacements for Telescope Patio Pool Furniture with our new Trellis Outdoor Fabric
Hi Dennis,
    Here are a couple pictures of our Telescope Casual Chairs (circa 1997) just redone with the Trellis sling fabric.  All six chairs turned out great and I much appreciate the helpful hints and suggestions you gave me over the phone once I received the sling fabric.  It was great finding this sling choice with your company as it was an exact match to our 2002 Telescope furniture that will need work in the near future……..Thanks again…….Jeff W.

Telescope Sling Replacements


Agio Chair Sling Replacements from Illinois with Hoffman Fabric

I would like to tell everyone about the fabulous customer service that Patio Furniture Rehab provides.

I ordered slings for my 6 chairs and 2 ottomans, but I didn’t realize that since they were custom patterns I had to OK one of each before they built the rest of them.  The extra time it took to OK the samples (which were perfect, by the way) meant that I would receive them too late for a large party that I was hosting.  When I casually mentioned this in an e-mail, they took it upon themselves to overnight ship, at no extra cost to me, the remaining pieces so I could complete the repairs in time.  I didn’t demand, ask, or otherwise imply that I expected them to do that but they did it anyway.

Sending me perfectly built products would have been enough, but making sure that I received them on time was way above and beyond my expectations.

The first chair took me awhile to figure out, but I did the other 5 in about 3 hours.  I’ve got 2 tips that I’d like to suggest:
•    I used the spreader clamp that was suggested, but I turned one rail upright and the other rail flat before I spread them.  This allowed the Spreader Bar to “slide” into the hole rather than “pop” into the hole.
•    The corners of the channel where the sling and spline slide in were sharp, and I was afraid I’d tear the slings.  I filed the corners round which made the slings slide in easily.  The rails are Aluminum so it only took a few strokes of the file:

The “Before” and “After” chairs are below, the “After” one looks so much better.



Mark Jesernig

Bolingbrook, IL


Vinyl Strap Replacements for Pool Furniture from Franklin Tennessee

Attached are the before and after examples of our lounge restoration.

We plan to do four chairs next.  We started with the brown straps to see how it would go and it was not surprising how well they looked.  This patio deck set is 28 years and counting.  I don’t know why I waited so long.  The replacement was not difficult and results well worth the decision.

Willie  & Mary Ann Nelson
Franklin, Tennessee

Winston Key West Patio Furniture Chaise Sling Replacements in Pennsylvania with our Amber fabric:

Great product, excellent support and video instructions. 
PFRehab makes my old chaise look like brand new. 
Dan K from PA

Pool Furniture Fabric Sling Replacements in Florida

Dear Sirs,
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to reclaim my pool furniture. My grand dog, a 95 lb American bulldog, stayed with us for a few months till my daughter got established in North Georgia this past winter. He slept and chewed my lounges to pieces, but now they are back to brand new. With two coats of quality paint on the frames and new slings from you, they are gorgeous.
Darrell E. Stephens



Woodard Patio Furniture Vinyl Strap Replacements in Virginia

The only company located anywhere near me wanted $850 to restrap my seven Woodard aluminum patio chairs.  For 1/7th of the price I was able to purchase all the necessary materials from A+ Redemption and replace the straps myself.  A+ Redemption’s pre-sale support team helped me determine the appropriate rivet and the correct strap length and the videos on their website walked me through the process step-by-step.  My chairs look brand new and I saved a bundle of money!  Thank you A+ Redemption for making this project successful!
Susan C
Glen Allen, VA



Vinyl Strapping Replacements on Tropitone Cantina Patio Furniture in South Carolina

Hi Dennis,   Here is a photo of our finished products, we have one more lounge chair
to complete.  We do not have a before photo since the frames were minus straps and
sitting unused for a long period of time. This is our first effort at redoing patio
furniture.  The job went well thanks to your videos, e-mails and supplies.  Thanks, Dennis.

JoAnne and Bill Smith
Okatie, South Carolina


Swim Club Pool Furniture Vinyl Strapping Replacements Customer Response

Last weekend four guys from the club rehabed 8 lounge chairs for our club.
It was not half as bad as we expected. We learned that turning the chair upside-down was
much e z r and the double wraps went faster. We are planning on doing more soon.
Check out our fb page for updates as we get closer to opening in May.

Halteman Swim Club


Pool Lounge Fabric Tropitone Sling Replacements in Illinois

Thank you again for speedy service & delivery. Very pleased with slings.

Pool Furniture Fabric Slings Tropitone Lounge Chair Sling Repairs Tropitone Chaise Sling Replacements

Tropitone patio chair sling replacements in California

 Hi Dennis,
Thanks for all your help. I got the new slings on and they look great! It was a bit of a wrestling match pulling them through the channel,
even with following directions and plenty of soapy water for lube, but they’re on now and I’m happy.
Thanks again.

Patio Sling Replacements in CA

Tropitone Patio Furniture Replacement Slings in Virginia

B. Harrell from Virginia with our Grass fabric for Tropitone patio furniture sling replacements:

TropitoneFurniture  Sling Replacements in Virginia

The slings were installed by amateurs in about 2 hours. The 10 year old chair looks terrific.
The chair looks so nice that we are ordering more slings to freshen up the rest of the furniture.

B. Harrell
Suffolk, Virginia

See more customer responses:

Lawn furniture fabric sling replacements
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