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Measuring Patio Furniture Slings for Ordering

Please read this important information before ordering:

  • Special Pattern Slings may not be available. This includes slings with rails holding fabric from the top to bottom, non-parallel slings or slings where the fabric is not visible coming directly out of the front rails . Chair or Chaise Slings with a curve that dips across the top of the fabric are available.
  • If your sling furniture fabric is not visible going in both side rail slots from the front view as illustrated below please contact us before ordering. NOTE: Please feel free to visit our customer responses pictures of their sling furniture to see the types of replacement  slings we produce.
  • It is very rare but some sling chairs or chaises were manufactured with a welded bar which cannot be removed. Please be sure the support bars (bent bars or straight bars connected in holes on the rails or with bolts) are removable from the rails before ordering. Please be sure to contact us first if you have believe you have the non-removable type. This type of sling must be a special order.

  • Please be aware that some fabrics which we offer for sling replacements may be too thick to install on some types of patio or pool furniture. Quality names like Woodard, Winston, Brown Jordan (excluding some older Quantum models), Tropitone, Mallin, Carter Grandle, Agio, or Innova usually present no problem as the sling rails were manufactured wide enough for any of our quality outdoor sling fabrics. In most any case of patio or pool furniture having fabric slings inserted into side rails, any of our Leisuretex®, TEXTILENE® brand synthetic fabric TEXTILENE® 80, TEXTILENE® Sunsure, TEXTILENE® Metallic, Phifertex® Dupioni & Phifertex Plus, or Phifertex® Stripe fabrics will work well and fit into the rails. It is our "Wicker" type or Phifertex® Jacquard Plus & Novelty fabrics which are thicker than the others. If you have any question about the certainty of our new fabric slings fitting into your sling furniture frame rails, please be sure to contact us before ordering.

  • Due to variations that occur within the same make and model of furniture and because time and use can make a difference in measurements, we here at Patio Furniture Rehab have found that measuring your slings always works out better than trying to order by make and model.
You may print our PDF file for the measuring information below by clicking here.

Please note that on our 1-pc Chair Sling Replacements you will have two possible ways to order. One will be for parallel width slings and another for the special pattern type. If the two width measurements indicated below are the same or within 1/8' the same and have no special cuts (curves on back) you will order from the 1-pc Chair Parallel types listed. If your two width measurements are more than 1/8" different or the sling has a special pattern you will order from the 1-pc Chair Special Pattern. Please also note that some fabrics are not available for the special pattern type. For example, "wicker" type fabrics will not be found in the fabric drop boxes of the 1-pc Chair Special Pattern. Chairs slings with a curve across the top may be ordered from the Chair Sling 1-pc Curve Top. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Measuring to make a sling order is as simple as 1, 2, 3...

Chaise, 2-piece chair, and ottoman slings are measured similarly, please contact us for specifics if you have questions. When you add to cart any type of sling (chair, chaise, recliner chair, ottoman) in our online store you will find the appropriate drop boxes for each sling measurement. When ordering for a loveseat or 2-seat glider you must order two chair slings and check the drop box indicating a loveseat.

Note for 2-pc chaise: Be sure to confirm that your chaise width measurements are parallel (no more than 1/8" difference) all the way along the seat and then also the back. You will have one back width and one seat width drop box each for these orders. If your chaise seat or back happens to be angled out on one end by more than 1/8" we will need more information from you than you can supply in the drop boxes. The 2-pc Chaise sling with a curve across the top may be order from the Chaise Sling 2-pc Curve Top. Please contact us for questions on this.

It is important to also read our Sling Installation Instructions before purchasing.

Measuring Slings:

Please visit our DIY Customer Response page to see how this process has worked for them.

First of all, to get a proper measurement, you want to be sure all bolts are completely screwed in on the rails holding the old sling in place. Using a cloth measuring tape, be careful to measure up to the nearest 1/8" as mentioned in the pictures below. If it measures between an 8th inch point always go up for the final measurement. As you choose the sling types in our store you will have drop boxes available for each dimension needed. Please measure all slings carefully twice before ordering. For the sake of avoiding mis-measuring, please note that we do not use the "imagine an invisible line" approach here as we have seen elsewhere. Measurements with lines you can actually see are used for our method.

Step 1
Measure the back width:

Step 2
Next, measure the bottom width.

Note: We will take these visible width measurements along with your choice of fabric to determine the needed width of your slings. This will take into account the fabric which is in the side rails with the spline as well.

Step 3 a-b-c
Then measure the length.

Note: You start and end this measurement on the rail where the fabric fits in and do not include the end caps in the length. In some cases your old sling may have pulled away from the ends of the rail slots so if you wish to have the sling fit up to the ends of the slots measure the entire rail where the sling will fit in.

Alternate measuring if the old sling has already been removed or is torn too much:

Measure from the outside ends of each rail slot up to the nearest 1/8" at the back and seat bolt areas.
This is a stable place to measure for the fabric sling replacement fit.
The example below measures slightly over 20-1/8" so the width measurement to enter is 20-1/4".

Note: This method of measuring will work as long as the frame is very strong (does not bend easy) and the bolts are all the way in before measuring
Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about this.

After choosing your fabric, submit the fabric choice, spline choice (if needed), back width, bottom width, and the length(s) by clicking on these in the drop boxes you will find when setting up your purchase for slings in our online store.

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