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See some of the Patio Furniture Rehab our customers have done:

Special Offer on Sling Replacements - Continued


Patio Furniture Fabric Sling Replacements in Las Angeles, CA

Hi Dennis, I thought you might like to see the finished lounges! Bought ..

Replacement vinyl straps for Patio Furniture in Ohio

The Dove was perfect as you can see from the pictures. Thanks for the very helpful video ..

Patio and Pool Furniture Restored Sales of Molla, Woodard, Winston, Brown Jordan Tamiami, and More!

We have begun to post some of the many sets of quality name brand patio or pool furniture a..

Woodard Patio Furniture Sling Replacements in New York

Great job, slings fit like a glove I can't believe someone was throwing these ch..

Winston Patio Chair Replacement Sling in Illinois

Dennis, Here are a few pictures showing my Winston patio furniture after replacing the slings wit..

Carter Grandle Patio Chair Sling Replacements in Michigan

Hello Dennis and Jennifer, I wanted to write this note to tell you that the slings you ..

Outdoor Fabric Sling Replacements in Texas

here are before and after shots of one of the chairs. Have some "puckering" at the cu..

Brown Jordan Nomad Sling Replacements from PA

Before & After Attached are two photos of my '79 vintage Brown Jordan Nomad. ..

Patio Furniture Chair Sling Replacement in Arizona

Hi Dennis: I wanted to let you know we received the new sling. I took some pics for you. Maybe ..

Restored Quality Patio Pool Furniture on Sale Discounted. Winston, Woodard, Brown Jordan - More!

For customers in our region of Western PA including Pittsburgh, Erie, and in Ohio, Cleveland, Youngs..

New products/parts for patio or pool furniture repairs and replacements

New patio and pool furniture replacement parts products for 2015. Includes chaise sled runners, sled..

Agio Patio Furniture Sling Replacements in Tennessee

Wanted to show you the before and after photos. Thank you so much for your help. Can't belie..

Winston Key West Patio Furniture Replacement Slings

To Patio Furniture Rehab, I just installed a new sling I ordered from you on my Winston chair. ..

Tropitone furniture sling replacement using Chinchilla fabric

Kobianne G. from North Carolina with Tropitone Sling Outdoor Furniture: the spreade..

Winston Patio Furniture Vinyl Strap Replacements in California

Thanks Dennis, Thanks to your help and your great videos and PDF's, my wife and I were abl..

Medallion Patio Furniture Vinyl Strap Repairs in Miami Florida

I have replaced the vinyl straps of 8 of my chairs. A 200 ft. roll was enough for 8. I am planning..

Winston & Other Pool Furniture Vinyl Strap Replacements in Florida

Wanted to send you some pictures of my completed chairs and also to thank you for your assistanc..

Sling Replacements for Patio Furniture in Alabama using our Montego Outdoor Fabric

The furniture, which is 6 years old, looks brand new. I love it. The sling fabric appears to..

Winston Patio Chair Sling Replacements in Massachusetts

Here are two of the four Winston chairs that we repaired last week. While it took us over ..

Mallin Patio Furniture Sling Replacements in Arizona using our Mohave Outdoor Fabric

Many thanks for the great service and excellent quality replacement fabrics! By following your web..

Pool Furniture Vinyl Strapping Replacements in Tampa Florida

“I bought the pre-cut vinyl strips and was able to restrap in about an hour. A couple..

Patio Furniture Replacement Slings in Georgia using our Cypress Outdoor Fabric

Here are to pictures of our new and old chairs. We love the new slings. Thank you. ..

Telescope Patio Chair Sling Replacements in New York using our Veranda Basil Fabric

We have installed the Veranda Basil sling on our Telescope Concord chair, and it looks great! ..

Mallin Patio Furniture Replacement Slings in Irvine, California

Sir, Attached are pictures of before & after pictures of Malin patio furniture after ins..

Brown Jordan Nomad Chair Replacement Slings

We are so happy to have our chairs repaired! We love the style and with the perfect match of mat..

Chaise Sling Replacements in Lakeside California using our Taupe Tweed Fabric

Just finished took about 45 min per chair pretty easy for a do it yourself guy Mark from Lakeside..

Winston Pool Furniture Chaise Sling Replacements in Sea Breeze fabric

Please see attached photo of the replacement job we did with the slings we ordered from yo..

Agio Chaise Replacement Slings using our Chesterfield Fabric in Texas

We loved the chaise lounges chairs we have and were so happy to find replacement slings from..

Innova Chaise Fabric Sling Replacements in Texas:

Slings fit perfect for my Innova chaise. AAA quality with great selections for material. Ins..

Steve from Utah with Patio Furniture Sling Replacements using our Brass Filigree outdoor fabric:

Patio Furniture Rehab Folks, I ordered replacement slings for two of our patio chairs just to ..

Patio Furniture Replacement Slings in Colorado with Weston Heather Outdoor Fabric:

When we first decided to replace our patio chair due to the material tearing, we were really disappo..

Sling Replacements for Telescope Patio Pool Furniture with our new Trellis Outdoor Fabric

Hi Dennis, Here are a couple pictures of our Telescope Casual Chairs (circa 1997) just redo..

Agio Chair Sling Replacements from Illinois with Hoffman Fabric

I would like to tell everyone about the fabulous customer service that Patio Furniture Rehab provide..

Vinyl Strap Replacements for Pool Furniture from Franklin Tennessee

Attached are the before and after examples of our lounge restoration. We plan to do four chairs ne..

Winston Key West Patio Furniture Chaise Sling Replacements in Pennsylvania with our Amber fabric:

Great product, excellent support and video instructions. PFRehab makes my old chaise look..

Pool Furniture Fabric Sling Replacements in Florida

Dear Sirs, Thanks for giving me the opportunity to reclaim my pool furniture. My grand dog, a 9..

Woodard Patio Furniture Vinyl Strap Replacements in Virginia

The only company located anywhere near me wanted $850 to restrap my seven Woodard aluminum patio cha..

Vinyl Strapping Replacements on Tropitone Cantina Patio Furniture in South Carolina

Hi Dennis, Here is a photo of our finished products, we have one more lounge chair to complete...

Carter Grandle Patio Chair Sling Replacement Installation - New Video

This New Video will show you not only How-to Install the Carter Grandle Fabric Sling Replacements..

Swim Club Pool Furniture Vinyl Strapping Replacements Customer Response

Last weekend four guys from the club rehabed 8 lounge chairs for our club. It was not half a..

Customer Response for our Durango Outdoor Fabric Replacement Slings in Arizona

Duane K. from Arizona with Martha Stewart Patio Furniture Outdoor Fabric Slings: “We u..

New Video: How-to Install Mallin Chaise Patio or Pool Furniture Sling Replacements

How-to Install Fabric Replacement Slings on Mallin Chaise Furniture For other Sling Installat..

All Precut Vinyl Straps for Patio or Pool Furniture Lower Pricing!

Patio or Pool Furniture Replacement Vinyl Straps for Winston, Woodard, Tropitone, Brown Jordan, C..

Jose with Brown Jordan Chair Sling Replacements in Puerto Rico

At first i was a little skeptical, but when the sling arrive it only took me 10 minutes fo..

Mike from Georgia Patio Chair Sling Replacements Before and After:

Thanks, Mike See more Customer Responses (

Larry Alexander in Florida restored his Siesta Patio Furniture:

Dennis, Just finished re-strapping 2 Siesta lawn chairs with 1" vinyl straps. After review..

Woodard Patio Furniture Replacement Slings in New Jersey with Wavey Lines Champagne outdoor fabric:

Your sling fits perfect and the chair looks like new again. Thanks for saving me $. ..

B. Harrell from Virginia with our Grass fabric for Tropitone patio furniture sling replacements:

The slings were installed by amateurs in about 2 hours. The 10 year old chair looks terrif..

Mary with Brown Jordan Nomad patio furniture sling replacements in Washington State:

Hello Dennis......Brown Jordan stopped making these wonderful chairs and after 30 years of..

Rex H. from Arizona chose Stripe Conch for his Tropitone Patio Furniture Sling Replacements:

Rex, H. from Tucson, AZ. See more Customer Responses (http://www.patiofurniturereha..

Bobbi Henry from Illinois chose Metallic Braid fabric for her replacement chair slings and umbrella:

We are very happy with the replacement slings and umbrella. We originally ordered 1 sling fro..

Diane N. from Texas chose our Chesterfield fabric for her patio sling replacements:

I love my chairs with the new slings! See more Customer Responses (../Customer_Response..

Ken R from Enterprise, AL with our Sienna Tea Leaf slings for his Woodard furniture:

The slings fit great and install was easy and now my furniture looks brand new ! I highly reco..

Helen Raines from Maryland used our 1.5" Precut Vinyl Straps on her Woodard patio furniture:

Dennis, Here are pictures (taken on my son's cell phone) of one of our two 35 year old Wo..

Becky M. from North Carolina chose Taupe Tweed for her replacement patio sling furniture:

Here is a picture of our patio chairs that we rehabed with the Taupe Tweed fabric. They look ..

Kristi Clabo from Oklahoma chose our Honeycomb fabric on Agio sling pool furniture

Dennis, Attached are a couple Pictures of "Before" and "After" of the slings we got from yo..

Paul E. from New Jersey finished his pool furniture vinyl replacements:

Dennis, Here are a few shots of the finished project. Thanks, ..

Sarah H. from California installed this sling replacement choosing our Tan Tea Leaf fabric sling:

Attached is a picture of my chair with a new replacement sling in Tan Tea Leaf. It looks great..

Bob Brown from Florida chose our 2" Precut Vinyl Straps for his pool furniture restrapping:

Dennis, I'm attaching pictures of 2 of the chairs and 1 of the chaises that I redid using yo..

Fred and Florie Baumann from California chose our Desert fabric for their Patio Furniture Rehab:

We like the replacement Desert fabric slings for our Brown Jordan Nomad chairs even better tha..

Nancy N. from Houston, TX chose our Jade Green fabric slings to brighten up her patio:

The new slings arrived and were installed the next day. They went on smoothly and make my 11 y..

Chuck from Arizona chose our Standard Putty fabric for his Winston patio furniture:

Hello, A+ Redemption Here is the rehab of our Chaise Sling chairs They look great and just..

Susan N. from Wilson, NC. installed her Patio Furniture Rehab replacement sling using our Sienna Tea

I am sending you a picture of the chaise we replaced w/ your sling yesterday. It took no time..