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Replacement Sling Fabric for Patio or Pool Furniture

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F8-236 Burgundy TEXTILENE® brand synthetic fabric 80 Repeat: Plain

Construction: 17 x 14 per square inch

F8-236 Burgundy Textilene® 80 Repeat: Plain

Paul Thomas from Roseville, MN with our standard
Burgundy replacement outdoor fabric slings:

Patio Furniture Sling Replacements in Minnesota


Included are a few pictures of the patio sling chair I recently re-slung
using your products.  As you can see in the images, the project was a
success.  We love the burgundy color we chose.

It was quite simple using your sized, cut and sewn material.  I've included
an image close-up of one of the slots where the material is inserted to
offer a hint.  I used a file and rounded the corners of the slot before
trying to slide the material up the slot.  It made it MUCH easier to slide
the material up the slot.
Patio Furniture Fabric Sling Replacements in Minnesota
Thank you for your product and communicating when my product shipped.   
Paul Thomas

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