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Choosing the Right Spline for your Replacement Fabric Slings

A spline is the long, rounded, flexible piece of material you will see in the rails of your sling patio or pool  furniture inserted in the loop sewn on each side of the fabric sling. This is used to keep the fabric securely attached across the two rails. The spline must be large enough to keep from slipping through the opening slot running along the rails yet not too big to fit well in the ends of the rails for easier installation.

Splines are optional when you purchase your replacement slings and they are also sold separately. You may find that your current splines are still flexible and therefore still usable, or they may have become brittle from age and the elements and you will need new ones. You can test this ahead of time by removing the old sling and spline and then bending the spline at least 90 degrees to find if it is brittle. If you do not wish to bother with this test it is best to simply choose spline as an option in your purchase. The price of spline with any sling is just $2.00 more and in most cases comes pre-installed in the sling.
Sling Spline Replacement (8.5' segment each)
  • Regular Price: $5.00
  • Starting at: $3.75
  • Volume Discounts (if applicable):
    1-3 $3.75
    4-7 $3.25
    8+ $3.00

Most quality patio or pool sling furniture such as Winston, Woodard, Tropitone, Mallin, Carter Grandle, Brown Jordan, Agio, Innova, Telescope, Lyon Shaw, is designed to use spline material to install the fabric replacement slings on the frame.

There are some exceptions like Homecrest or Samsonite which use two layers of material on some of their furniture to slide the slings over an internal frame.

From the top down the spline sizes in the above left picture are:
1/4" / .25" Large
7/32" / .22" Medium
3/16" / .180" Small

The example above is from the rail of a Winston Key West Sling chair.

The .180" small spline is too small and will not keep the sling in place.

The 1/4" is bigger than needed and may make the installation more difficult.

The medium 7/32" is just right for the Key West Sling chair.

As you look at the 3 splines we have available and then look at the spline you have in your old sling material, you may find what you need to order with your slings. If you do not have your old slings you may measure the slot width running up the rail and find which size you will need. Make sure you find the widest area of the rail slot and be sure your spline choice is just slightly bigger than that rail slot area so that it will keep the fabric in place when tightened.