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Measuring Vinyl Replacement Straps
for Patio or Pool Furniture Repairs

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First determine whether you need the 1-1/2" or 2" wide vinyl replacement strapping:

Measure the width of the old vinyl at the center as it is on the frame of your outdoor furniture. If it measures about 1-1/4" it is the 1-1/2" vinyl you will need. If it measures about 1-3/4" it is the 2" wide replacement vinyl. This is because when the strap is stretched on the frame it reduces the width of the vinyl.

Please visit our Free How-to Videos page for other information including how to install the straps with various connectors. You may find that because there can be a variable to the length where the strap will still work well, our videos may give a different way of determining the measurement needed but come out with very close results. However, the best information for determining vinyl strap lengths is on this page.

As stated in some of these videos you can cut one of the old straps in half, place it in near-boiling water to shrink it down to its pre-stretched original length, and then measure the two halves together to determine the order length. This heating process will also confirm the original width of the vinyl. And of course always be cautious when using very hot water. Placing the new vinyl straps in hot water for 5+ minutes is how you will prepare to stretch them on the frames.

Using a cloth measuring tape:

Measuring on the furniture frame, follow the full length of the vinyl strap from connector point to connector point as it was originally wrapped (as if the measuring tape was the vinyl strap). If the strap was wrapped around the frame twice (double-wrap) follow this path with the measuring tape. If you do not have a cloth measuring tape use a string to determine the length then measure the string length. To determine the length you will need to install by stretching a new precut vinyl strap back on the frame with good tension, use this formula:

Your measurement X .85 then round it up to the nearest 1/2" to place an order for the strap(s).

For example if you measure 22" X .85 = 18.7" you will need to order a strap at 19" (see special note below)

Visit our Customer Response page to see how this has worked well for them.

Special Note: When it comes to cutting your own straps from the vinyl rolls, you should cut one or two first then work with the installation to confirm the proper tension. If after using the above formula the straps seem too difficult to stretch, you may add an additional inch on the precut length as this will make it easier and not effect the tension too much. The same goes for customers ordering precut straps from our website. If you do not think you have the arm strength to stretch the water heated vinyl on the furniture, you may add an additional inch to the precut measurement determined from the above formula. If you wish to order precut straps and are uncertain what to do, you might want to order one first to test the tension.

Please be aware that if you order vinyl straps too long they may sag a bit during use. Though there is a variable of an inch or so which may not make any difference when determining the pre-stretched length, you should never order vinyl straps without reducing the length measured on the frame from hole to hole or connection to connection. Otherwise you are buying more vinyl than what you need or you will have more work in cutting the vinyl down to fit well with the right tension. Just be sure as well that you don't go less than the formula calls for because trying to install a vinyl strap that is too short may cause the vinyl to distort or be very difficult to apply.

Count the number of vinyl replacement straps you need:

Sometimes on a chair or a chaise, there will be more than one length of straps. Once you determine the width and type (gloss, matte, textured) that you need, count the number of straps for each different length, and then order each quantity of straps separately. Once you have located the straps in our online store, which are separated according to width and type, you will be able to choose the length, color, and connectors (if needed) with the drop down options available to you as you add your straps to your cart. Or, for vinyl roll orders, you can calculate the total inches of vinyl and divide by 12 to determine the overall length in feet needed.

You may contact us if you have questions.

If a few days time is not a factor for you, you may send us one of each size of the vinyl straps along with one of the old original end connectors. Tell us your color choice and how many of each size you will need, along with your shipping and contact information. There is no extra charge to have us determine the pre-cut strap length(s) you need.

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