A+Redemption began in 1996.
DBA Patio Furniture Rehab began in 2008.
A+Redemption, Inc.

Primarily, we have offered quality outdoor patio and pool furniture restoration for local customers within our region of Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. We offer both residential and commercial restoration of high-end patio and pool furniture such as Woodard, Tropitone, Winston, BrownJordan, LyonShaw, Molla, Mallin, Medallion and many other high quality manufacturers. In 2008 we have expanded by offering quality products nationwide at very reasonable prices for the do-it-yourself upkeep of your valued patio or pool furniture. Most of these products are those which we have used for our local customers to restore their quality patio and pool furniture for over 21 years now.

By offering an online shopping cart service, A+Redemption Inc, DBA Patio Furniture Rehab, can provide more US customers with quality patio furniture products which have been available since 1996 to our regional customers. In our online store, you will find these replacement products for your outdoor patio furniture needs. To request information on which products you will need and how to install them, you may contact us if you can not find this information on our website at this time.

On a Personal Note

We are a family owned business that is grateful to the Only Wise and Eternal Creator and God. My wife and I (co-owners) are believers in Jesus Christ as the only way to eternal salvation. All have sinned and fallen short of Gods original design for mankind. We believe the Holy Bible is given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit through men of old and has been established complete soon after the Apostles passed on. We believe that the death of Christ on the Cross and His Resurrection gives us new Life Eternal by grace through faith. We believe Jesus Christ is our Righteousness and we have no other righteousness before the eyes of the One True Holy God. We hope and pray you will find Him in your life before you pass to the next life. For eternity with the God of Peace is Heaven, and without Him is Hell. May God Bless you today!