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Agio Chair Sling Replacements from Illinois with Hoffman Fabric


I would like to tell everyone about the fabulous customer service that Patio Furniture Rehab provides.
I ordered slings for my 6 chairs and 2 ottomans, but I didn't realize that since they were custom patterns I had to OK one of each before they built the rest of them.  The extra time it took to OK the samples (which were perfect, by the way) meant that I would receive them too late for a large party that I was hosting.  When I casually mentioned this in an e-mail, they took it upon themselves to overnight ship, at no extra cost to me, the remaining pieces so I could complete the repairs in time.  I didn't demand, ask, or otherwise imply that I expected them to do that but they did it anyway.
Sending me perfectly built products would have been enough, but making sure that I received them on time was way above and beyond my expectations.
The first chair took me awhile to figure out, but I did the other 5 in about 3 hours.  I've got 2 tips that I'd like to suggest:
•    I used the spreader clamp that was suggested, but I turned one rail upright and the other rail flat before I spread them.  This allowed the Spreader Bar to "slide" into the hole rather than "pop" into the hole.
•    The corners of the channel where the sling and spline slide in were sharp, and I was afraid I'd tear the slings.  I filed the corners round which made the slings slide in easily.  The rails are Aluminum so it only took a few strokes of the file:


The "Before" and "After" chairs are below, the "After" one looks so much better.



Mark Jesernig

Bolingbrook, IL