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Mallin Patio Furniture Replacement Slings in Irvine, California



Attached are pictures of before & after pictures of Malin patio furniture
after installing the FL-029 Montego material (on the right).

The old material, after 10+ years in the sun, had become dry and brittle.
The new material makes the furniture look like new.


California Mallin Fabric Sling Replacements in Montego 

And some Malin specific installation tips:

*       After 10 years, the old material is virtually glued to the frame;
after cutting the material, it's important to use the soapy water in the
channel and on the fabric to break the 'gluing' effect of the old vinyl from
the frame by wiggling the remaining fabric back and forth before trying topull the fabric out of the metal channel.

*       The channels inevitably get dirt in them; flushing with water
removes some but I've found the taking a pipe cleaner and forming the end
into a small rectangle helps break up the stuck on dirt while flushing it
out.  This is important because any sort of dirt in the channel will cause
extra friction when installing the new fabric.

*       Some of the Malin pieces have one material channel welded to the
frame and the other is attached via screws and by one support bar at the
top.  When installing the material its impossible to start the material on
both channels at the top and then insert the support bar!   Installation
should start at the lower end of the channel and finish at the end with the
support bar, as the stretching/bending of the support bar is very

*       When pulling the fabric into the last part of the channel (the last
2") I've found it usefull to measure the remaining distance and apply a firm
clamp on the bottom spline at the correct distance.  The final pulling of
the fabric tends to be jerky, and I've (a few times) pulled it too far, then
had to remove it and start over.

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