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Patio Furniture Replacement Slings in Colorado with Weston Heather Outdoor Fabric:


When we first decided to replace our patio chair due to the material tearing, we were really disappointed for 2 reasons, first it is our favorite deck chair and 2,  it cost us about $150 new.  Being in our family for about 8 years we did not want to replace it with another model since we like this one.  But we decided to look around just to see what’s out there.

So we looked local in Colorado Springs and could not find a suitable replacement at a decent cost.  We then decided to look into a local repair. Well this was disappointing.  The estimates for repair were more than the original chair cost.  We are all  for supporting the local economy…to a certain point.

Our third option was to replace the material ourselves .  We still could not locate a local establishment that carried the material we wanted.

So the Internet was the way to go it seemed.  We Googled various sites and decided to purchase the material from Patio Furniture Rehab.  They have a great selection of material, easy to understand instructions, and a very decent price.  So we followed  the measurement directions to the tee. Since this was our first time doing this we must have measured 5 times to ensure all was correct.  When we were satisfied that we had done ok, we placed the order.  Another very simple thing to do.

BEFORE      &         AFTER

We placed our order 23 June and received the shipment  19 July.  Not bad considering all that has to be completed by PFR for manufacture and shipment.  

Once we checked the order for all necessary parts, the fun began.  The damaged chair sling removal was simple since most the material was ripped anyway.  The new chair sling installation was a bit difficult at first.  You do need to use water or soapy water to make the process easier.  Also we found that using the caterpillar method of sliding the sling on the slots much easier.  Once you get both sides installed, the chair part was simple.  Hint..use 2 people to get better control of the chair sides.

We really did good with the measurements though.  The final assembly fit like a glove and we are really happy with the results.

Based on our experience I would highly recommend PFR for any type of material or parts replacement.  As we stated above,  the instructions are clear, the sling material is of high quality and the results were fantastic considering this was our first.

Happy Trails all

Mike & Julie Welsh

Colorado Springs