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Winston Key West Patio Furniture Replacement Slings

10-May-2014 To Patio Furniture Rehab,

I just installed a new sling I ordered from you on my Winston chair.  At first I was a bit skeptical I could actually do this myself.  However after watching your videos and following you detailed measuring directions, I decided to give it a whirl and I placed an order for one sling.  I figured, I'd try one sling first.  If that works and goes OK, I'd be back for the rest of the slings to complete my set.

While, I'm not completely inept from a "fix it yourself"  capability,  I know things don't always go as smoothly as you think when you actually get into a project.  I'm happy to say this was fairly  easy.  The video instructions were a great help.  The hardest part was sliding the new sling onto the rails.  The advice to use a little soapy water was a great help - so I certainly suggest that to anyone else. Also having a spreader bar is a must too (see my comment below).

The other slight issue I had was as I was finishing up putting the support bars on the back of the chair, my 300 pound spreader bar just couldn't do the job.  Maybe it's just a problem on the Winston chairs, I don't know.  So a quick run to the local hardware store for a 600 pound spreader bar and voila, "easy peasy".   So my recommendation, if you need to buy a spreader bar, buy the 600 pound.  It's only about 5 dollars more than the 300 pound bar.  

In total, start  to finish it took about 30 minutes tops for me to do my one chair.  I'm now going back to order more slings to completely redo the rest of my chairs.

Thanks for all your help.

Dale Clouser

Photo:  Winston chair - right side re-slung with your Sienna Tea Leaf sling.  Chairs are about 15 years old and the old fabric actually was just about shredding on the seats.

Winston Patio Outdoor Fabric Sling Replacements 

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