Caution – Please be careful

Statement of Liability

Names like Woodard, Winston, Tropitone, Brown Jordan, Innova, Mallin, Meadowcraft, Medallion, Lyon Shaw, Molla, Carter Grandle, Crown Leisure, as well as some other quality made patio furniture usually have very well built frames and in most cases will not present too much trouble when it comes to replacing parts, vinyl, or slings.

However, here at A+Redemption Patio Furniture Rehab we understand that there are many different makes and models of patio and pool furniture. And we know that the design or age of the furniture can mean that there could be problems which occur during installation of replacement parts. In purchasing any product from A+Redemption, Inc. or, please understand that the customer assumes all responsibility for any damage or harm that could occur to persons or property while attempting to install these products. On used patio or pool furniture, old bolts or blind fasteners can strip or break, older used frames can bend or break, the finish can be damaged, or the new product may be torn or broken if it is not installed properly. Also, in using a tool or installing a part, bodily harm may occur through accident or inexperience. Please be very careful and cautious when working with tools or patio furniture frames. And we do suggest that you employ someone experienced in working with tools or patio furniture if at all possible when attempting to install any of our products.

Thank you for being careful.