F8-237 Putty

Replacement Sling Fabric for Patio or Pool Furniture

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F8-237 Putty TEXTILENE® brand synthetic fabric 80 Repeat: Plain

Construction: 17 x 14 per square inch

F8-237 Putty Textilene® 80 Repeat: Plain

Sandy and Don from Wisconsin chose the Putty fabric for their
Patio Furniture Rehab sling replacements:


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After doing two chairs we have decided to do the others so we need to order the same
products and size/color as on order # 809043… By the way, we love your product.

Sandy Goodspeed and/ or Don Michels


Steve Lentz from Virginia chose our Putty sling replacement
fabric for his Carter Grandle® pool furniture:

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Thought I’d share a picture of my now good-as-new patio furniture set along with a couple words of advice.
First, the Irwin® clamps are absolutely essential.  I needed one to use as a spreader as you recommend, but also needed them as clamps for some of the furniture.  The rails on the backs of my recliners are permanently connected by arches of spring steel, I needed two clamps to squeeze the rails together so I could slide the new slings on. After releasing the clamps, they sprang back to their normal shape.
Second, before starting, take a look at the screws which will be used to tension the springs. Get whatever bits and adapters are necessary so you can tighten these screws with a rachet.  There’s not a lot of space between the fabric and the chair frame, so turning these with a screwdriver or allen wrench isn’t much fun.  The screws on my chairs needed a 3/16″ hex (Allen) wrench.  I did the first two chairs with the Allen wrench, eventually reaching the point where I had to reposition the wrench every 1/6th turn.  After that I went to the hardware store and for $2.50 got a driver bit, but this in my rachet and finished the other two chairs in half the time
and with no scraped knuckles.
Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the results and recommend A+ Redemption to anyone.
Best Regards,
Steve Lentz
McLean, Virginia

Jim and Jacquelyn E. from Mesa, AZ with our Putty
fabric sling replacements for Agio® patio furniture:

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Just thought I’d drop you a note and include a picture of the finished
product.  We are finally back together.  Thanks for all your help in our
“rehab”.  We even purchased the spreader bar you suggested and the job
went a lot easier.  Thanks again.  I’ve recommended your site to several of
our friends who would like to do the same.

Jacquelyn E.

Chuck from Arizona chose our Putty fabric for his
Winston® patio furniture chaise sling replacements:

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Hello, A+ Redemption
Here is the rehab of our Chaise Sling chairs They look great and just took a few hours to redo.

Thanks Great product

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