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How-to Install Replacement Slings on
Carter Grandle Chair Patio or Pool Furniture

For other Chair Sling Installations please see our Printable PDF

NOTE: This is just one of many models of Carter Grandle sling patio furniture but the installation will be similar in other models.
Also, this video is good for other chair sling installations which have one side rail welded to the frame
such as some Tropitone and Mallin patio or pool furniture.

The Spreader Bar Tool and Inserts illustrated in this video are available here:

Sling Replacement Spreader Bar Tool
  • Regular Price: $39.00
  • Starting at: $37.50
  • Volume Discounts (if applicable):
Sling Support Bar Inserts for Carter Grandle Furniture 30-300 (20 Pack)
  • Regular Price: $5.25
  • Starting at: $4.50
  • Volume Discounts (if applicable):
    1 $4.50
    2 $4.00
    3+ $3.75

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