Black Vinyl Tires (2 Pack) 07-106/111

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1-3 $19.75

4-7 $18.50

8+ $18.00

Includes 2 per quantity

Please measure the OD of the 
metal rim the tire is to fit on:

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Cut out view of this tire:

  • For grooved rim

Vinyl will not leave marks as rubber tires do. Tires are ordered by rim diameter. They will be slightly smaller because they need to be heated and stretched
over the rim.

For tire rim width about 3/4"

How to Install: Place vinyl tires in near-boiling hot water (use caution) for about 5 minutes before stretching them on the wheel frame.

NOTE: This is a custom cut product which is non-returnable and non-refundable. Please be sure of the measurement for your order.