Most Product Returns (See Custom Sling Policy below)
Please understand that there is no guarantee of a refund with products returned to us without our acknowledgment. It is good that our customers are aware our shipping times before ordering as this may vary during the months of April through July. Please read below and contact us before returning any products.

If we have made an error in your order and it is confirmed by us within 3 business days of the delivery date then replacements regarding the specific error may be available and if a replacement is not available then a refund for the specific error will be offered. Refunds for product price only is available (not including sling replacements, precut straps, black vinyl tires or other custom made products, see below) in cases where we have made no mistake and a refund must be requested within 7 days of the shipping delivery date. A 10% re-stocking fee will be applied for any approved product return. In such cases the customer is responsible for shipment the return shipping cost and products must return in good condition. Custom cut vinyl straps or tires are not returnable unless we have clearly made an error on your order. For all bulk vinyl, fabric, umbrella frames, or parts replacements we must be contacted within 3 days of the UPS or USPS delivery date. Please see our Warranty page for other information on vinyl. Please check your product(s) when they arrive to determine that there is no shipping damage. If there is shipping damage, please contact us immediately. No product damaged by the customer due to improper installation or mishandling can be repaired. These products must be purchased again in our online store to be replaced.

If you discover any manufacturing flaw on any product we send out, please contact our customer service within 3 business days of shipping arrival date explaining any concerns or questions and we will respond back to you within 3 business days from there. If it is confirmed by us to be a manufacturer flaw, we will then work with your order to correct this at no extra expense to you within 3 weeks of the confirmation, as stock permits. (Locally, our busiest season is between April and July. During this time period, responses may be delayed.) It is necessary to contact us before returning any product for any reason.

If you found something missing in your order: In some cases products may be shipped separately on an order. If you do not receive the other products after 3 business days of the first shipment please contact us. We give 10 days from the date of delivery for customers to contact us about missing products.
Canceled Orders

All orders are considered final after they are submitted by the customer. We often send orders out the next day when possible. However, it may be possible to request that we cancel your order if we are notified within 12 hours of the order. Please understand that there will be a 5% fee for any canceled order (with the exception of payment by check) to cover the transaction fees we must pay for the order. Be sure you have specifically what you want on the order to prevent this. In some cases orders are shipped out the same day and the items will have to be returned in good condition before a refund of the product price less 10% only is refunded. Shipping costs can not be refunded in such cases. An email with proof of shipment will be sent from either,, or (and occasionally if the order has been shipped.

Custom Patio & Pool Furniture Sling Replacements
Here at A+Redemption/Patio Furniture Rehab we have been making and installing quality slings with success for over 20 years now. We know how to make them as needed according to your given measurements. If you have any trouble installing your new slings we request that you view all our website information about this first before contacting us for assistance. We will help you if there are any questions regarding installation of your new sling replacements. Sometimes emailing us pictures of your patio furniture frames will help us help you know what to do to complete sling installation. There are no refunds on any custom made sling with the exception that we have made a mistake on your order and refunds are limited to covering shipping costs to us for adjustments. Please see our Warranty page for other information. All custom made slings are manufactured in accordance with the measurements and fabric that you submit in the order. Due to more stretching on certain fabrics, we may make some custom ordered slings slightly narrower in width than others. It is important we do this or your slings would sag more than normal after some use. It is important to understand that replacement slings are installed with high tension on the fabric as you bolt them in. If your sling does not seem to fit properly, please review our Sling Installation Instructions first, and also confirm you have read our Measure to Order page properly prior to ordering. Then if you still need help, contact us with your concerns. It is possible to make adjustments to the slings for a small fee ($5 to $10 per sling) if they are returned to our shop after our approval. The customer is responsible to pay all shipping charges on slings needing adjustments due to a wrong measurement submitted on the order or not following the necessary information on our measure to order page. We will cover the costs if we made the mistake. Please understand that if a wrong measurement is submitted by the customer which is too short on the length or too narrow on the width it may be necessary to purchase completely new slings on another order as there will not be enough fabric to work for an adjustment of more than 1/4″ on some slings. However, if the slings are over sized due to a wrong measurement, it is possible to make adjustments for the small fees mentioned above. No sling damaged by the customer due to improper installation or mishandling can be repaired or adjusted. These slings must be purchased again in our online store to be replaced. We carefully inspect and document each custom made sling before it leaves our shop, but if you discover any manufacturing flaw with the sling material or stitching on any sling we send out, this must be confirmed by us. If it is confirmed to be our fault, we will then work with your order to correct this at no extra expense to you. It is necessary to contact us before returning any sling for any reason. Please understand that there can be no guarantee with slings returned to us without our acknowledgment.


We are here to help you with your Patio Furniture Rehab Sling Replacements, Vinyl Strapping Repairs and more. You may leave your phone number if you would like to have us contact you this way. Because we have to have some time frame of working with custom made slings, please understand that we can only offer adjustment approval on our slings within a period of 10 days from the day UPS or USPS records indicate you have received your package. If you contact us within this time we can offer adjustments on slings within the policy noted here. Any adjustments requested after this time and then also approved by us for return will have a fee of $10 per sling plus shipping. No adjustment can be made after 30 days from the day of delivery.